Our mission

We liberate agents’ time from menial tasks so they can focus on delivering the essential expertise complex products and processes require. We are on a mission to fundamentally change agent-based work.


Our story


The Gefen platform began as a distribution tool used to centrally manage and distribute content to customers on behalf of agents. This digital transformation offloaded countless hours of nonproductive labor for financial advisors and insurance agents, but our vision was to move quicker and dream bigger.

The platform now collects products, algorithmically matches them based on customer insights, and helps direct agents with data-driven solutions. We also shifted our business model to partner with existing agencies and agent networks to harness the power of their collective intelligence.


Our future

As we expand our network and tech capabilities, features will become increasingly invisible to agents and data will continue to grow and enhance decision-making. Agent time will shift to focus solely on customer relationships and delivering their critical expertise.

We’ve redefined the distribution of financial services products. Unleash agents to deliver more value with less work.