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Gefen enables the creation of powerful agent networks. Gefen’s technology enables the distribution of strategy, products, and services through the management of your agent’s digital presence, the automatic sending of omni-channel campaigns, customer conversion, data tracking, attribution, and compliance.


Getting rid of paperwork. Helping agents focus on selling and customer relationships


AI powered chatbots empower agents to auto-renew and generate new sales

Cross-sell / Upsell

Agent-based and automatic cross-sell and upsell from all customer interactions

Smart products

Sell more and personalized products to customers with a data driven approach


Centrally planned and created - distributed through any number of social channels and pages


Dynamic customer segmentation for precise targetting with 2-way APIs

Digital Records

Entire customer digital interaction kept on record for live reference and archiving

Detailed Reports

Birds-eye and detailed view on entire agents digital activities and strategic success


From 1,000 to 100,000 websites and beyond - managed, personalized and optimized


Email and SMS, personalized and automatic. 100% agent participation with a single click

Online Chat

Agent to customer/site visitor, secured, on record and in context of history and campaign

Secure Video

Live secure video with customers and visitors - no installation required

* Awarded to a Gefen global insurance customer for their implementation of the Gefen system

* Information Security Standard

"With Gefen, we inspired our agents to connect with customers on digital, resulting in more than 80% increase in overall engagement and more sales opportunities."

Agency Sales Director, Top Insurance Leader, APAC

"Agents have to be present where their customers are. Today, these are not physical places but rather digital social arenas or channels. If you want to connect with your clients, you have to be there, be relatable and relevant - that’s the ONLY way today to connect and do business."

Distribution Manager, Top-five financial leader, APAC

"Technology always moves forward, insurance companies can’t stay behind. We needed the tools to enable our agents become valuable and relevant to their customers and Gefen did just that - it puts us at the forefront of InsurTech innovation."

Distribution Manager, Global 2000 Insurance company

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