Video 1

Gefen Platform Introduction

The Gefen platform is a digital marketing program for agents. It enables agents to connect to current and future clients to grow their business.

Video 2

Agents distribution through WhatsApp & Facebook

Communicating with clients through Whatsapp and Facebook, and other social channels are essential and expected by clients. Gefen allows effective communication with clients thru social channels as it provides an easy way to provide professional, personalized content that the agent can use in an intuitive way and present the measurements of effectiveness for each channel by showing all digital actions that resulted from such actions (Site visits, chats, leads, and ratings)

Video 3

Agent's Personal Websites

Agent's in the modern world need to be presented professionally in the digital space. With Gefen this can be done easily at scale!

Video 4

Internal Comms update on Agent Intranet website

Internal comms want to share a new regulation update with their agents in Thailand. The update will appear on the Agents' intranet websites in a specific page in which the content is consumed. In addition, the agent will receive a notification in the mobile application notifying on the regulation change. Internal comms will also be able to monitor the engagement and consumption of the content by the agents. This function is to help leaders in your Department or Agency inform and engage employees, in a way which motivates staff to maximise their performance and deliver the business strategy most effectively.

Video 5

Corporate Content creation with personalization for agents

The marketing department addresses various content topics that an agent can share with his clients to provide them additional value and increase his sales volumes by doing so. The marketing department is generating templates of different topics such as product promotion, greetings, informative data and more, the agent can pick up this content and send it thru to his clients easily thru different media channels such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and many more. The messages will be editable and personalized for the agents, automatically.

Video 6

Agent's interest their client's in a new product with an effective email campaign

Agent's can effectively distribute content to their client from the content available to them by the corporation. They can choose from a variable of different templates provided to them such as birthday email, a new product available, end of year discounts and more). The agent's can create an email campaign of a new product and send it to a selected group of clients. The clients will receive as a personalized email from the agents, that will contain a link to his persomlized website page that describes the product. the client can respond to the mail directly to the agent or link to the website and interact from there using chat or lead form. A report of all digitally created activity will be exposed to the marketing manager